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Soar in 2024: Create your Life Vision with Goal Setting!

Hello Conscious Life Creators,
Ignite the fire within, and let it SOAR in 2024!
What sets your soul on fire?
What skills would you like to develop?
How would you like to write your life story ?

At this Free Workshop you will gain insights that will help you:

  • Create your Life Vision

  • Set your goals for 2024

  • Embark on a Mindful Life Journey!

It is your Life, Create & Build your Life Vision, your way!
Come with a Notebook, Pencil and an idea of what you want.

Sunday, Jan 7th, 11:00 am - 12:00pm

Click the button below to register for the zoom link



Can't wait to help you create your Vision.

See you soon!

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