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Hi! My name is Arti Kapoor.

I am a Strategic Intervention Coach, and I’m really glad you’re here!

My ultimate goal is to help my clients obtain the quality of life they desire!


As your Coach, I will :

  • Help you gain clarity on what you want 

  • Empower you with tools and strategies

  • Create a supportive action plan and

  • Inspire you to reach your goals.

I have more than 15 years of experience leading teams in non-profits & community organizations, with main focus on communication, partnership & collaboration. I am an experienced mentor and coach for youth and adults. I have helped them discover their goals, realize their potential, and develop their confidence to achieve them.


My clients say that I am a person with integrity, positive energy, as an active listener with an irresistible desire to inspire them to get results!

In my journey, I had the great privilege of learning (and I continue to learn) from many Spiritual teachers who have touched my life deeply. My regular practice of yoga and mindfulness helps bring awareness to my coaching methods. My fascination of human nature and its variety of expressions, and passion for mentoring and coaching, prompted me to pursue it professionally. Subsequently, I received training and Certificate of Excellence from the Master coaches, Magali Peysha & Mark Peysha at Center for Strategic Intervention, and also certified by Tony Robbins & Chloe Madanes from Robbins Madanes Training (The official Coach Training School of Tony Robbins).


During the pandemic, I took to writing and co-authored and published 'Wings of a Woman - When Pain Becomes Your Power'.


In addition to being able to help clients with a whole range of human experiences in coaching situations, I am most passionate about helping with their relationship dynamics with a special emphasis on spirituality & personal fulfillment. 

I invite you to schedule your Free Consultation Call to gain absolute clarity of what you want!

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